Submission Guidelines


Colonus Publishing, Inc. is currently accepting creative nonfiction for its Colonus House ® imprint, and fiction and poetry for its Colonus Publishing ® imprint.

  1. We do not accept electronic submissions. Writing on the screen does not read the same as writing on the page, and your writing, if published, will be written on the page. Therefore, we accept only hard copies of your manuscript. We actually want to see the book, and not just a part of it. We are not interested in book proposals. We do not respond to e-mail queries offering ideas for books or otherwise making proposals to publish books.  We want to see that book which you were compelled to write. You can send a synopsis or a chapter outline if you wish with the manuscript.
  2. Your manuscript will not be returned. Please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope. We will send you a reply after we have evaluated your manuscript.
  3. Three to five months is standard response time in the industry. Please query us if you have not heard from us within five months. Please query in writing. You may query by contact form, or by regular mail. If you query by regular mail, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope for the reply. Please include your e-mail address with all written correspondence, and indicate the date of your submission.
  4. With your cover letter please enclose a résumé and a statement about your book. We are interested in why you wrote the book, what you think your book is about, what your qualifications are for writing the book, why you think a reader should be interested in your book, and why you think Colonus Publishing, Inc., is the appropriate home for your book. If you have another project you are working on, feel free to mention that.
    You can send what you like regarding the book that you are submitting (as long as the postage is paid), but we cannot return these materials, so please do not send originals. We are not responsible for the delay, loss or damage to any materials sent to us.
  5. Please send only one book at a time, unless the work is legitimately multi-volume, e.g., a trilogy.
  6. Do not send bound manuscripts, binders, or books, and do not send these kinds of submissions or any submission with return postage. Send only the posted reply envelope with your submission and supporting materials.
  7. All manuscripts must be typed, double-spaced, loose-leaf, and one-sided. We prefer Times New Roman 12 point type or a similar type. Do not send manuscripts with type smaller than 12 point.
  9. If your work is accepted, Colonus Publishing, Inc., will offer you a contract. The terms may vary according to the nature of the book. Colonus Publishing, Inc., will only work with a writer upon receipt of the signed contract. All contracts will include the following terms and your sending of the manuscript for consideration by Colonus Publishing, Inc., constitutes your acceptance of the following terms:
    A) Colonus Publishing, Inc., has exclusive control in its sole judgment to edit and copy-edit the manuscript. This may include some cutting. We do not make material changes; however, we determine in our sole judgment what constitutes a material change as opposed to changes through the editing or copy-editing process. The writer must pledge good faith in co-operating with the editing and copy-editing process.
    B) Colonus Publishing, Inc., has exclusive control in its sole judgment over the production and design of the book, and this includes, but is not limited to, the cover, the title, and the spine.
    C) Colonus Publishing, Inc., has exclusive control in its sole judgment over the marketing and any advertising of the book.
    D) Colonus Publishing, Inc., does not create electronic or Web copies of its books until, in its sole judgment, the market has been exhausted for the hard copies of its books.
    E) The writer is responsible for obtaining the permissions for copyrighted material which the writer uses in his or her book that s/he is offering to Colonus Publishing, Inc.
    F) Venue for any cause of action on the contract will be in Spokane County in Washington state and the law of Washington state applies to the contract.
    G) There will be other terms that are not negotiable and in the sole judgment of Colonus Publishing, Inc., which is to say, this list of terms A-F foregoing is not exclusive.

Please send your manuscript to:

Rich Skalstad, Editor

Colonus Publishing, Inc.

PO Box 10249

Spokane, WA 99209