The Sliding Glass Door on the Continent


Italian writer and editor Anna Albano has done a gorgeous Italian translation of “The Bible,” the poem that Garrison Keillor read on Writer’s Almanac. You can find her intriguing translation on her blog:

La Bibbia

Nel caso servisse
è sempre là.

Perché devi averne almeno una.
La parte che sempre torno a leggere
è la dedica
alla nonna di mia moglie.

Immagino Dio a un book signing,
mentre firma la sua copia,
“Cara Eva, grazie per la tua devozione.”

Ma più che altro penso a quando
lei potrebbe averla tenuta in mano:

qualche volta in chiesa,
in un paio di momenti di smarrimento, in camera da letto
e una strana volta dopo la messa

quando andò dal fruttivendolo
e la posò un attimo su un mucchio di mele
mentre esaminava le banane alla ricerca di ammaccature.

By permission of Anna Albano


Theo Alexander, writing in the online journal Helium, says:
“A funny, zany and somewhat enchanting collection of poems, the poet pushes his words to the deeply surreal and dream-like, while each line sparks laughter and what seems like an endless and undying wisdom that the reader is never quite sure about. Each poem throws a plethora of clever metaphors and mythical imagery out of each page, while creating a foggy, inviting and hilarious perception of the world, or some world. A spellbinding journey into the darkest depths of the odd, and the dangerously surreal, this great collection tells a story, grabs the reader and shakes him until he loses his sense of reason. It is sharp, quirky and very, very strange.”

Theo Alexander is a young writer from Edinburgh, living in Florence. His inspirations include Franz Kafka and Charles Bukowski. He has studied philosophy at university, and he’s been writing creatively since he can remember. He loves the ideas that come out of words.

The Sliding Glass Door by Scott Poole